Triangular Tartan - No. 1

I've had the idea of triangular tartan stuck in my head for a few weeks, so I thought I'd test out how it looks.  

I suppose it's not too dissimilar to the diamond pattern on a golf jumper, but with a bit more detail and the addition of horizontal lines in the pattern.  I quite like the end result, so I'll keep refining the idea.

Pen Test - Crying Woman

Just testing my graphics tablet thingy.  I'm quite pleased with how much more natural things come out compared to doing this with a mouse. It does, however feels quite odd compared to drawing on paper since I tend to twist the page around quite a lot to draw lines on the left more fluidly.

Draft No.2: Art Exhibition Poster

Version 2 of the Origin - Originality, Thai art exhibition poster.  If you want to keep up with events, check out

Draft: Art Exhibition Poster

This is just a draft layout for an art exhibition about Thai artists that friend is helping to organise.  

I think the title needs to change, and I used a cloth pattern I found online as a sort of temporary image until I come up with something else.

Post No. 101

Wheelchair racers @ London Marathon - 22nd April 2012.

This is actually the 102nd post; I deleted one back in 2008.

Textual Tourist 3: Now in Three Dee

I tried to put this one up at work before the event, but javascript and activex is disabled on their browsers and blogger's terrible new interface is even more fussy about working with any browser that wasn't released in the last two years.

I've got a real corker already lined up for number 4 whenever that happens...

Textual Tourist:: 11/11/11

Here's another one I did for the next Textual Tourist night at The Big Green Bookshop ( which is happening on Friday 11th November.